As a man who grew up in a tough area of Fort Lauderdale and went on to win two national championships and earn two master’s degrees, Richard Yeargin understands the value of a good education. For this reason, he set out, alongside former Clemson teammate Pat Godfrey, to create a force for positive change in at-risk areas like where he was raised. Today, the RYIII Foundation delivers opportunity to kids in need through technology.



Richard Yeargin overcame a difficult upbringing to become a star student-athlete on the Clemson Football team. When his NFL dream was destroyed in a car accident that would had left most people paralyzed, Richard’s strong work ethic pushed him to keep going. After doctors told him he would never play again, Richard never gave up, returned to football two years later at Boston College, and won the Brian Piccolo Award for the most courageous player in the ACC. Richard, a two-time Master’s Degree recipient, now hopes to help kids in need achieve success through the RYIII Foundation.



We Are Proud To Call These Great Companies Our sponsors


We have partnered with T-Mobile to be our supplier of laptops, tablets and Wifi Mobile Hotspots. T-Mobile, who has targeted the homework gap themselves with Project 10Million, stands alongside the RYIII Foundation in their commitment to providing access to technology for all.

5000 Role Models

The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project is dedicated to providing the support necessary to reclaim our youth. Adult male Role Models are trained to salvage the “at-risk” boys. The project was founded in 1993 to uplift at risk males ages 9-19. Through pairing them with successful professional adult volunteers, who provide advice, guidance and educational assistance, the program has generated overwhelmingly positive outcomes. The RYIII Foundation has partnered with 5000 Role Models to distribute technology to their pupils in need.